ORGANOCLAY® MRM is a sulfur-impregnated organophilic clay granular filtration media that adsorbs non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) and dissolved low-solubility organics. It also sequesters mercury and arsenic from water.

Groundwater recovery and treatment systems may combine mixed media including, sand, activated carbon, and other media designed to remove a variety of contaminants. Activated carbon may become fouled when heavy oils and grease are present. Organically modified clay media is effective as a pretreatment step. These media have a high capacity for removal of oils and grease from water. This extends the life of the activated carbon by preventing premature clogging. ORGANOCLAY® products that target metals in addition to organics are also available.

ORGANOCLAY® PM-199 is a proprietary granular adsorption media effective in removing oils, greases other non-aqueous phase liquids (NA PL) and other dissolved high molecular weight/ low solubility organics.

Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Soil, Sediment and Water

ORGANOCLAY® F is a proprietary granular filtration media that reliably absorbs oil and similar organics from water. It is a brown and black mixture of 30% active Organoclay® and 70% anthracite filter media, which allows for maximum utilization of the large sorption capacity of Organoclay® without excessive pressure build-up in the column.




Water Treatment



Looking for a blend of products?  We can provide blended products at the your ratios.  Contact us for more information on organically modified clays to target other contaminants.



Product INformation

  • Extended capacity of GAC by reducing fouling from oils and grease
  • Remove metals such as mercury and associated organic compounds
  • High sorption capacity for organic compounds, reduces change outs
  • Non-reversible adsorption process



Custom Blends

  • Ground water pump and treat systems
  • Sediment dewatering
  • Aqueous waste disposal
  • Funnel and gate systems
  • Permeable reactive barriers