Thermal Remediation in Chicago

Steam Enhanced Extraction

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Product INformation

  • Destruction and removal of essentially all organic contaminants whether in the soil, rock or below the water table
  • Challenging site locations such as urban settings, below existing building footprint, heterogeneous geology
  • Ex-situ treatment of contaminated soil and sediment



Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Soil, Sediment and Water

Vadose Remediation Technologies offers an advanced form of Electrical Resistance Heating (ERH) called Electro-Thermal Dynamic Stripping Process or ET-DSP™. ERH has been widely applied and proven effective for free product recovery and enhanced vapor extraction at sites with volatile contaminants such as VOCs, CVOCs, and NAPLs, and is applied at low and moderate temperatures. ET-DSP is an energy efficient heating method for temperature ranges below the boiling point of water.

Thermal Conduction Heating



Let us help you to determine the best remedy or combination of remedies for you project. We are ready with assistance however it fits your needs.  From general advice through design, construction and operation of the system, we will ensure that you have a successful project.

  • Quiet, less disruptive to surrounding environment
  • Capable of achieving 100% sweep efficiency, delivering highly predictable results
  • Capture and treatment of vapors, ensures contaminants are not mobilized outside the treatment zone
  • Fast and final approach, eliminates unpredictability of long-term costs

Electrical Resistance Heating

Difficult site conditions can challenge the effectiveness of remediation of organic contaminants in the vadose zone or the groundwater. Thermal remediation technologies have proven effective on essentially all hazardous organic compounds. These technologies have achieved predictable levels below regulatory cleanup standards in the most difficult conditions.

Vadose Remediation Technologies advises environmental consulting firms on thermal remediation in Chicago and the Midwest US..

And, through our partnership with TerraTherm, design, build, and operate the system from concept to closure. The broad set of technologies and applications allow an optimal, cost-effective design fitting your site’s soil, permeability, contaminants, location, and cleanup goals.

Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) is used for the recovery of free product and the remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). SEE utilizes the injection of steam combined with pressure cycling to creating a steam sweep through the formation. The sweep together with the accompanying pressure gradient displace the mobile NAPL and vaporized components as an oil front, which is recovered when it reaches the extraction wells. SEE is a logical choice for large and deep sites with significant groundwater flow.

In-Situ Thermal Desorption (ISTD) using Thermal Conduction Heating (TCH). In soil or rock, heat flows from TerraTherm heater wells into the formation by grain-to-grain contact (in soil) and across solid objects (rocks). The fluids (water, air, NAPL) in contact with the solids also heat up. The heat moves out radially from each thermal well until the heat fronts overlap. Can be done at a range of temperatures, depending on the site and type of contamination.