BLASTOX® 215 is a patented, fine granular, complex calcium silicate based additive for stabilizing heavy metals including lead and cadmium.  Other formulations of BLASTOX are effective on other metals.




Product INformation



Vadose Remediation Technologies offers a variety of amendments for treatment of contaminated soil or enhancement of the soil properties.

In-situ treatment of contaminants (ISS) can be more cost-effective and more protective of human health and the environment than traditional dig and haul remedies. In-situ treatment additives such as ORGANOCLAY can be added to traditional cement-based mix designs to help bind the organic contaminants and allow the cement to cure properly.  Metals fixation can be accomplished by mixing BLASTOX® directly into the soil.

Soil treatments can also be added in ex-situ applications to ensure that the contaminated soil meets the disposal criteria.

  • Contaminated sediments
  • Wood preserving sites
  • Former Manufactured Gas Plant sites
  • Chemical plants
  • Oil refinery sludge lagoons
  • Low-permeability soil liners
  • Additives for cement based mixes for in-situ stabilization of organic contaminants in soils
  • Permeability enhancement for clay/soil liners
  • Ex-situ treatment of contaminated sediment or soil to meet requirements for disposal


Treatment - metals fixation



Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Soil, Sediment and Water

VOLCLAY®  Soil Sealants

ORGANOCLAY® SS-199 is a semi-granular adsorption media effective for adsorbing oils, greases other non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL) and other dissolved high molecular weight/low solubility organics. ORGANOCLAY SS-199 is specially formulated for use in in-situ solidification.

ORGANOCLAY® MRM is a sulfur-impregnated organophilic clay granular filtration media that adsorbs non-aqueous phase liquids (naPl) and dissolved low-solubility organics. It also sequesters mercury and arsenic from water.




VOLCLAY® bentonite soil sealants are granular and powder sodium bentonite that provide economical, low permeability soil liners for a wide variety of containment applications. When VOLCLAY bentonite soil sealants are mixed with soil and hydrated, they expand to fifteen times in volume, forming a mechanical bond with surrounding soils and filling the voids between the soil particles.