SedFirst ™ is a capping amendment that improves the placement of sand and amended sand caps by reducing turbidity and aiding in homogenization of the capping material, reducing separation and loss of high-value amendments. SedFirst reduces erosion through by providing cohesion of the sand and amendment particles until natural sediment processes take hold.




Sediment Cap Stabilization Amendment


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Remediation of contaminated sediment can be one of the most challenging environmental concerns. Contaminated sediment sites are often large and complex. Due to concerns over contaminant re-suspension, dewatering and final disposal, dredging may only be considered as only a component of the remedy. In-situ treatment and capping of contaminated sediment offers many benefits.

Vadose Remediation Technologies can assist you in the design of active sediment cap and modeling the anticipated cap design life.

  • In-situ sediment treatment and capping with permeable Reactive Core Mat®
  • Sediment treatment and capping with permeable and impermeable bulk materials
  • Shoreline seepage control using mats and bulk materials
  • Adsorptive layer prevents contaminant transport into surface waters
  • Active treatment reduces requirements for cap thickness
  • High value active materials are evenly distributed with a mat, to ensure verifiable coverage
  • Durable polypropylene geotextiles provide geotechnical stability

sediment capping

and treatment

BENTOBLOCK™ is natural sodium bentonite screened to 3/8 inch (0.95 cm) to 3/4 inch (1.90 cm) in size. It is designed to be mixed with aggregate and placed in sub-aqueous low-permeability sediment caps.

Remediation Technologies for Contaminated Soil, Sediment and Water

REACTIVE CORE MAT™ (RCM) is a permeable composite mat consisting of reactive material(s) encapsulated between non-woven polypropylene textiles. Through its innovative processing, RCM can combine two active materials, if required. RCM is available with a variety of active materials including ORGANOCLAY®, Apatite, and Granular Activated Carbon.

ORGANOCLAY is a proprietary filtration and adsorption media capable of adsorbing oil, grease, NAPL and dissolved low-soluble organic compounds. It may be used in a mat form (RCM) or applied in bulk sediment capping applications.